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I have my own dreams and ambitions...

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[ooc] 'Profile' for BrockTakeshi in the ville_delumiere RPG community, played by roy_h_o_t.

Character application for reference:

Nickname: Pookie
Contact information (AIM, e-mail, etc.): AIM: Pookie776
email: pookie776@aol.com

Character: Takeshi ("Brock" in the English version)
Series character is from: Pokemon
Job: Pokemon Breeder
Sexual Orientation: DEFINETLY straight.
Personality (you don't need a novel!): He's the gym leader of the Pewter City Gym (in the games - in the anime, he leaves to go on lyk ttly amazng adventurs lol), and uses mainly rock-type Pokemon, with the exception of a few others. He's extremely good at cooking, both human and Pokemon food. And, like most of the characters in Pokemon, he's all *OPTIMISM!* and *LET'SHELP!*
Anything else important about the character?: He's about the girls, he'll chase them around, declaring his love for them, all the time. His main "love" is/are the Nurse Joys from the Pokemon Centers and the Officer Jennys from the ... police ... force ... thing ...
And, I'm pretty sure it's unknown if he has the ability to OPEN HIS EYES. .____.

Please note BrockTakeshi is in fact a character from the manga & anime POKEMON, owned & created by ... the person who created it! He is not real! I do not own him! He is not mine! Don't sue me.[/]